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June 21, 2007



I was at Yo's first start too. It was a great game. You're a season ticket holder? That's awesome. I'm lucky if I make it to 20 or 25 games a season so I just got a 9-pack. I kind of wish I would have at least done the 20-pack though so I could get more playoff tickets (*fingers crossed*) if they make it.


That was a great game to see live, wasn't it? Yes, I have season tickets, but I split them three ways with my dad and brother, which isn't a bad deal at all. If I can't make a game for some ungodly reason, I can swap them. For instance, I have tickets to next Monday's game, but I will be out of town on business. Like I said, it's a good deal. If I were you, I’d look into the 20-pack for next season. You could even split that with people to save money if that’s an issue. I’m glad to see I have a fellow Brewers fan reading. Thanks for doing so.

On another note, what do you mean IF they make it? :)


I was in the Pepsi Fan Club. I knew every player, their numbers, batting line up etc. I was a freak (still am). Those were good times. I even have Ned's autograph back from 1982. I hope they finish strong this year. Go Brew Crew!


Dave, are you seeing this? Baseball posts on PITC. And you don't have to change the subject.


I was at the game on Tuesday night, my first at Miller Park. I sat in the Diamond Loge section, which was just an awesome view! Of course I root for the home team, but honestly, I didn't like the booing for Bonds. We're the host city! Anyway...

I was 5 years old in 1982, and I still remember how I used to know the names of every player on the team. My dad would give me a first name, and I'd say the last name and vice versa. When I picked up the Game Day program and saw the profile on Ben Oglivie, I got a little misty. Good times, good times.


I wasn't around for the "glory days" of '82 -- although my parents did go to a playoff game when my mom was 8 1/2 months pregnant with my sister -- but I too have definitely been a Brewer fan since birth. When I was in kindergarten (which would've been about 1990) I was convinced that I was going to marry Robin Yount. The fact that he had a wife and kids was irrelevant, not to mention the fact that I was all of 5 years old. I still feel that he and I share an unshakable bond. ;) In any case, it's so great to read about the undeniable greatness of this year's team. I've gone to a few games with your sister so far this year... maybe you can join us one of these days! :)

K-ran, I love reading your blogs. Congrats on getting the gig!


I remember chasing police cars around my neighborhood trying to acquire the full set of Brewer's baseball cards that they issued.

I was also there for Yount's 3,000 hit. 11 minutes of cheering. Outstanding. The Brewer's are it. Now, they just need to bring back the old school logo.


I remember the days of playing wiffle ball outside with my dear sister and brother. I always enjoyed the game of baseball. I looked forward to tossing the ball around outside with dad and going to the little league field to hit and run some bases. Those were the good old days. I love baseball because of the fond memories I have tied to my family. Summers do not get any better then that.


YEAH! Whatever happened to the police baseball card giving days. Awww, I miss them!!! I had the entire set and then some because of them.

Love baseball!!


I am not sure if police officers still hand them out in neighborhoods, but i have seen many on duty officers at Brewer games handing them out to children in the crowd.

I am dating myself here a bit, but i also remember collecting cards in Gardners Bread. My parents would buy a loaf and I get something like a 3 pack of Brewer cards. Anyone else remember those?

Also, not quite wiffle ball and i am not positive they are still doing this, but last year on Sundays if you showed up early to the games you were able to play catch on Helfaer field(the little league diamond in the parking lot that used to be the infield of County Stadium). I played catch there with my cousin prior to a Sunday game last year and had a blast. If they are still doing this, i highly recommend.

Go Brewers!!!



I wanted to take a second to let you know that I’ve really enjoyed reading all of your comments on this post! I’m pleased to hear that many of you had the same pride for our team, love for the game, and dream to become Robin Yount (or marry him. Whatever).

Also, I used to hop on my bike and hunt Policemen for baseball cards when I was young too. It had been a long time since I’d seen them give any away, that was, until a weekend or two ago. I actually went up to a Copper and asked if he had any cards on hand. I walked away with both a Councell and Weeks baseball card. Wahoo!

Scott, I'm going to warm up my pitching arm. I may have to play catch at Helfaer Field some time this season. What a great idea! I didn't know they opened that to the public (besides little leaguers).

Good times. Let's go Brewers! (And bring back the old school logo)


I don't think I mentioned the fact that I had a Braun sighting outside of Cafe Hollender while I was dining with my mom. I am pretty sure my jaw dropped at the sight of him as he looked through the window in my direction. Damn him for having a girlfriend.

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