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April 17, 2007



Alright! Glad to hear you two made it to the show as well! What an awesome time, right? I posted a review up @ Mirr World with a bunch of videos and pictures that you'll really enjoy. Here's a direct link:

Glad you got to experience The Pabst the right way finally! :)

Aunt June

I'm pretty sure "Hear all the bombs – fade away" is a reference to ending war – more specifically war in Iraq. Colin Meloy also said at the show that the only place violence is acceptable is in works of fiction. I'm pretty sure you and your husband aren’t on board with that (kind of like the time you ran into those peace protesters).


Yeah, June, because I just love bombs and war and death.

What an absolutely moronic statement.


That's so utterly ridiculous, Aunt June. This is not a left/right argument. If I thought we could end it all tomorrow and Iraq wouldn't slip into civil war I'd be the first person screaming for the troops to come home. The fact of the matter is that that is not what would happen. If you think war is what any truly sane person wants then you my friend are out of your gourd.


Ohhh and the concert was really good. My only dissapointment was that they didn't play "Chimney Sweep."


Dave, honey, why did you even justify her comment with an explanation? Just drop it - it's too ridiculous to even warrant a response.

Aunt June

I guess I just wish we hadn't gotten into a war with Iraq to begin with.


I think we all wish that. But it's no reason to insult me personally.


hahaha, why don't I remember you guys "running into those peace protesters" =) That would have made for a funny little blog entry.


Christi, it was a blog entry, do you not remember? We had quite the discussion in the comments section, which you contributed to.


Gosh, you know, I remember that time you and Dave actually STARTED the war in Iraq. You heathens.

It's all Play In The City's fault, by the way.

Christi bad. I took that statement a little too literally. I was picturing you actually running into them (like with a car or something). I do remember the post.

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