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April 24, 2007



I'm not going to lie, I probably won't read Play In The City anymore without you, however, I fully expect you to create another blog to keep me occupied all day. As if Facebook isn't enough.


You did Milwaukee proud. ;)


Well, we knew this day would come, but it's still sad! I'm going to miss reading about your antics and adventures. Where am I going to get my MKE information to use to persuade my dear fiance to move there? Oh wait, through your two years of writing about how great the city is, we've already managed to do that!

Sad to see you go, but I'm excited for you and the other opportunities you'll be able to explore. I have a feeling that we'll all be reading other pieces of work from you over the years. :)


I'm excited to read more personal posts from you and not have to hear crabby people complain about them =)

Play In The City should retire with Erin N. The new person can start their own adventure.


I agree!!


Awww...I'll miss you! (I should talk right? I will get back to writing soon...promise) I hope you start something else on your own so I can continue to enjoy your writing.


Where am I supposed to read play-by-play posts about your wedding now?! :^)


You will be missed very much!!!

I think we need to have a "Jazz in the Park: Milwaukee Bloggers" get together or something. It can't end already!

Blue Dawg

I don't get it. Wasn't this job pure cake for you? Even if the pay sucked, didn't they give you a computer and pay for things you wanted to do? And just a few posts per month?


Blue Dawg, you're an absolute idiot.

This is one of those times when I don't think a comment even warrants a response, so I won't get into it. But if you can look through this entire site and think that it didn't take work, then you're seriously on crack. And just about everything you said in your comment in incorrect.

As for you others, thanks for the comments - I sort of wish they were starting a new site, too, since once the new person takes over, the site that I put together won't really exist anymore, but I also understand that we've already built up good readership here - why try to reinvent the wheel?


Now Erin, there's no need to attack Blue Dawg for his rude comment. You can just attack him for using "dawg" as part of his moniker. I mean, if that doesn't make him a d-bag, I dunno what does.

Blue Dawg

I realize that maintaining this website takes time and effort, but come on, you weren't cleaning out sewers or digging ditches! You got to ride around on a Segway for free, take some pictures of it, and type up your story.

Seriously, I enjoyed reading your blog and I'm sorry that you're quitting. I was just wondering why.


Fine Blue Dawg, I'm sorry for calling you an idiot. But your comment obviously hit a nerve with me.

I stated in my post that the blog has been wonderful for me, and from reading my posts, you can see that I've highly enjoyed everything I've gotten to do. I will be forever grateful!

To answer your question - which you should have just posed in the first place - I'm moving on to allow another rookie writer to have this opportunity. I look at it as sort of an internship, as there is no paycheck, and two years of that is enough. I'm ready to (hopefully) move on to writing that will provide me with some compensation.

And thank you for saying you've enjoyed reading the blog. I hope you'll continue to read it once the new person has taken over, too.


"You got to ride around on a Segway for free, take some pictures of it, and type up your story."

Wow, way to simplify her efforts, Dawwwwwwg. You forgot to mention that she had to keep it interesting enough for the site to reach close to 150,000 hits in 2 years with minimal press coverage and advertising. Have you done that? Why not, if its so simple?

On top of that how often did you hear her complain when a "simple" post took 6-8 hours to complete only because Typepad (the program she uses to code the site) was acting up?

Your comment should have read "I enjoyed reading your blog and I'm sorry that you're quitting." Maybe you should start over and try it again.


I think your e-bff Krista should write the new blog. Krista you're hilarious! Maybe then I wouldn't be so inclined to immidately hate the new Play In The City because my own BFF isn't writing it anymore =)

I'll start lobbying for that.


It looks like your blog is going out the same way it came in...with controversy.


Thanks Dave. It's true - people have no idea some of the bumps that come along with the technology, and the TIME I've often spent. I certainly wouldn't complain - but give me a break, people!

And Christi, Krista doesn't live in Milwaukee, so unfortunately she wouldn't be the best candidate. She is hilarious, though!!

Farrah, you know I love a little controversy. :) Maybe I should incorporate that word into the name of my new blog ...


Alright, now that the shock has worn off a little, I was able to write a farewell post to you on my blog. :)


So, if someone is willing to find me a job in Milwaukee, I'd move there in three seconds. Flat.

And then I'll gladly take over Play In The City.

Until then, I will boycott whoever takes over. (Just kidding). (Sort of).


Krista, I don't think Andre would live through another Play in the City wedding event :o)


Oh, Lord. Like my wedding holds a candle to Erin's. And besides, we have no idea what we're doing, so I can't write about plans if we don't have any. :)

ANYWAY, this is about Play In The City. I think the new blogger should be chosen soon. And then they they should write a "guest" blog before Erin signs off for good, and they can go up on the chopping block and be subjected to us, the readers. Better YET: have three "guest bloggers" before Erin hits the road, and then we readers get to vote who we think should take over the reigns.

Yes, yes. I like this.


I hope that some guys rise to the challenge. (ha)

All three VISIT bloggers have been ladies ... it might be nice to see the city from a man's perspective this time around ...

But who knows! I'm eagerly awaiting more details, too!


I occasionally pop in and read your blog, which I was introduced to by my boyfriend who is an avid reader. I think 2 years of not getting paid was a great run! (I would have burned out after 6 months for sure!) With the following you have, I am wondering if you could have gotten some kind of paid sponsorship. I don't think it is merely the "blog" itself that makes it what it is, but rather your distinct writing style and enthusiasm for Milwaukee adventures. If you were being paid for your time and efforts, do you think that would change your decision to continue writing playinthecity?
In any event... good luck with all your future endeavors. :)


Thanks Susan! How nice.

Yes, I'd probably change my mind, but that isn't really an option. VISIT holds the ownership of the blog, I don't, so they're the sole sponsor and the payment thing is up to them.

Oh well!


I think that SUCKS.

I'm just sayin'...


And also, I agree with Susan.

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