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April 11, 2007



Its all true I was pretty pissed off. I couldn't believe that THAT many people showed up and by the looks of it I don't think the front office could believe it either. If anyone else made it to tonight's or is planning on going to tomorrow's game let me know how well they were setup this time around.


Check out Jim Stingl's column today, which is filled with messages from Ohio fans about how friendly and hospitable Milwaukee is.


Um..isn't that guy the famous guy, John Adams or something like that, who is like the unofficial mascot of the Indians? I think he brings the drum to every game for like a million years now! I think it's AWESOME he made the treck to Milwaukee. That's a true fan!!! You should have felt honored to be sitting so close to him!!!! =) You're all about local celebrities he he.

I could very well be wrong. Dave, you're the baseball may have to correct me on that one.


Dude. Even I know who that drum guy is. He was featured on the news the other night. He's, like, the staple Cleveland fan, who's been beating his drum for over 30 years at all the games. Apparently all the fans know him. He's, like, Ohio-famous, man. Anyway, the Indians actually paid for his trip to Milwaukee (for him AND his drum) so he would be at the game to make it feel like home.

Innnteresting. I thought it was kinda cute.

The end.


Oh my gosh, you guys are right. I feel like a huge ass now. :) Well, I do feel honored to have seen him then! Oops. I'm surprised Dave didn't know about him.

"John Adams - You know that pounding you hear during Tribe at bats, or with two strikes on the batter? It all starts in the bleachers with John and his drum, he's been pounding away every game since 1973."


"giving him the attention that he was obviously so eager for" - yeah, I'm a bitch. :::Cringe:::

Well, hunger and cold and loud banging will do that to a person.

You learn something new every day!


It's OK, I like bitches. It's cool.


Cleveland Fan

I agree. There were a TON of people! We toughed out the concession lines for about 45 minutes. Only, once we got to the front, they didn't have any buns for brats or hot dogs. Way to go low-carb for the night. I'm not sure if people were there to support the Indians or Angels as we were, but more perhaps because the tickets were $10 for baseball game. The only thing that was a little too corny for me, was when the last Cleveland pitching change came. They tried to reinact the scene from, "Major League" with Charlie Scheen and "Wild Thing" being played. It was corny, but cool! All in all, it was worth all the crowds to see a baseball game in the cold!


Attention all college kids:

Every time Erin mentions Jim Stingle in one of her posts, you must take a shot.


pffffffffffffft! That was Diet Coke coming out of my mouth, Christi. All over my computer.

Ok, so not really, but I just laughed out loud.

So I like Jim Stingl, ok? His columns are sometimes relevant to what I'm writing about.

Shut up. :)


haha I'm just teasing you. But I think this is the sound diet coke makes when it comes out your mouth: pppRRRRRtttt. Ppfffffttt is the noise your lips and air make together as if to say "pppfffttt, whatever" =)


I love Jim Stingl! When I worked as a night police reporter for, approximately, one minute in 2004, I felt all starstruck whenever I saw him in the newsroom. And then one time we actually spoke to each other, and somehow he has some connection to Beloit, that I don't remember, and seeing as though that is my hometown, I forever felt that we had some connection.

And that is my Jim Stingl story.


Oh, also, I'll take a shot.


Yeah, he's pretty much the coolest.

And I'll take that shot with you!


Lemon Drops all around!

Sara Molnar

John Adams is a staple to us Cleveland folk. The Indians actually approached him the day the decision was made and they flew him and his wife to Milwaukee for the games. He's been at every game for 30+ years, they felt it was only right to do that for him. We Indians fans agree.

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