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March 18, 2007



Dear Jodi,

I love you! Hi! Do you want to be friends? OK, write back soon!


P.S. Jodi rocked. I recommend all of you read her books immediately. That's all I've got. Also, excuse that picture of my head. I have no idea what is happening there. Thanks.

(Hi, Erin!)


Oh, furthermore, I also met Dave in real life, people. And remember all those good looking pictures of them? Like, that one time they got married? OK, good, because they're totally that hot in real life.


Erin, OK, I'm totally jealous! Wish I could have gotten my new Nineteen Minutes signed. :( Anyway, so glad that you got the chance. Enjoy the book!

Andre Robitaille

Krista is a liar. Erin and Dave look like monkeys. :^)


Hey, I googled "meeting Jodi Picoult" and this entry came up, and wow, I'm really glad I read it! I'm going tonight to the same event and I'm REALLY excited, and it helps more to know what is going to be happening! :) Maybe you'll be there!

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