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February 06, 2007



Wow. That drawing doesn't look like you at all.


Ha! I know! When I first looked inside the mag, I thought "they didn't include me after all!" But they sure did, it's just a pretty terrible drawing ... I didn't want to bring it up, though, since I was already harping on the wedding date thing.


that's awesome you're in the magazine, but i agree about the picture. not the best, lol.

and yea, who really gets married on a monday, much less - a weekday?


What a great write up! And, I think that the drawing looks EXACTLY like you!!

(obviously just kidding there...)


I did a split screen of the article next to your photo up there in the left hand corner, and um, I'm not sure what that artist was drawing because I don't think it was you.

So, how many copies of the magazine have you bought so far? You know, to give to friends and relatives, of course.


What difference does it REALLY make if they got your wedding date correct or not? ( to anyone except you) What does matter is what they state, that you are finally bringing this blog back to it's roots.

Remember the name of your blog.."Play In The City." It's not "The Personal Life of Erin."
When you are on topic, your blog is wonderful.
When you digress, it turns into a huge "yawn." I suppose I will get trashed by all of your girlfriends, so be it.


Hey Jeff, thanks for the compliment. (I did catch it in there!) And attention all my girlfriends - don't trash Jeff. He already knows that a blog is meant to be personal at times, and if he doesn't enjoy the personal parts, then fine. At least he enjoys the information I provide about Milwaukee. And he keeps coming back, so that's good enough for me.

About the wedding date thing, though, I SAID I understand that my exact wedding date isn't of any concern to anyone. But as an aspiring journalist, I think there's no excuse for such a silly mistake, and I felt the need to call the writer out on it. If you're going to write a story - especially a small, to-the-point one like that - you should be able to keep your facts straight!


The first thing I noticed was the wrong wedding date!! Congrats Erin!!


Jeff is a downer. I am a little girl.

My theory is that your picture was drawn after a Krav Maga class. It looks like you got your ass whupped. Big lower lip, and a swollen left cheek.


The point is not that Erin's wedding date is wrong in a printed magazine article, the point is that ANY date was wrong in a printed magazine article.

Such a minor, factual mistake in an established publication IS sloppy reporting.

AS a journalist, I know that the smallest errors are the ones that kick you in the ass.

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