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February 27, 2007



Dearest Internet BFF,

I can't WAIT. Jodi and Other Erin all in one night. I'm glad my love of all things Jodi got you hooked.


OK, also, that Sake Tumi place? YUM. I just checked out the menu.

Sincerely, e-BFF.


Thanks, Erin, for another inspiring read. I can't wait to hear about your real-life meeting with Krista. How cool is that!


It was nice to meet you Erin - thanks for coming out to Greenfield! I've lived in Greenfield for nearly 17 years and I consider myself an unofficial goodwill ambassador for the city. I'm a huge supporter of the parks & rec dept. To anyone who has never taken a class thru a rec dept, I think they can best be thought of as introductory in nature. You can find out if you are interested in something without investing a lot of money. Plus, they are great opportunities to have face time with other human beings, something that we lack in the computer age.

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