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February 20, 2007



$94 a month? I know that's for two people, but Wowzers! (sorry if I sounded like Inspector Gadget just now). I throw a hissy fit paying $240 a year for my Bally's membership. But keep in mind I joined way back in 1993 (when I was 16!), and my renewal back then was only $60 a year ;o) Ah well, no price can be put on feeling good/feeling good about yourself :o)


We were paying $70 each when we were going to Motion in New Berlin so $94 a month is pretty damn good.


It was not $70 each. Maybe $60. But yeah, for two people, $94 isn't so bad.


It was $68 a month. I know I'm right.


Are you guys having a lovers quarrel right now?

We pay $48 month for two people at Snap Fitness. Granted, it has nothing - no showers, no pool, no classes. BUT, it is open 24 hours a day. And they have treadmills.

I think that's worth it... right?


The WAC is worth it. Bally's is a gross meat-market and very dirty compared to the WAC. In this case, I think it is worth the extra money. Just my opinion!


I paid $75 just for myself at Crunch Fitness in Chicago. You guys are ALL getting deals =)


I have heard so many people say Bally's is a meat market, yet I've never actually witnessed that. But then again, I'm there to workout. I've also heard it's dirty, yet everytime I go, there is someone walking around cleaning. I'll speak only on behalf of the location I most regularly visit (Southridge), which is mostly regulars who are friendly but not there to make friends and it's a great mix of young and old. The dress is come as you are and there are no attitudes. The few frou-frous I've seen over the years stick out like sore thumbs.


What about "Average Joe's" gym?? I believe that's pay as you go...Of course the only equipment they have is a jump rope and their aerobic classes consist of old Jane Fonda VCR tapes in a black and white TV!


Hi Erin. I am in awe of anyone with the guts to go to the gym on a regular basis. I've never been able to find the motivation. When I worked at Mother Corp., I paid $10 a month for access to the on-site fitness centre. I really tried to go often, but I just couldn't motivate myself.

Of course, the fact that I detested the company and couldn't stand to bump into my near-geriatric, nasty-faced leaders wearing shorts probably had something to do with it.

Maybe someday. Until then, I beat myself up on a bike, risking life and limb as I dodge motorists and truckers alike.

Scott Zsori

Dave is right... Motion was $70 per month. :)

They just got purchased by The Princeton Club (out of Madison), so they now have much better prices for couples and families. I never understood why Motion charged individually and didn't give discounts for couples and families. The best part of The Princeton Club is that they're open 24 hours, so I can go ride the recumbent anytime I feel like it. I've even gone at 2am a couple of times (I'm most awake then).

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