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February 15, 2007



Hooray for John Mayer! Glad your night was splendid. I ate Shake 'n Bake pork chops and watched reruns of Law & Order. Hot.

I started taking Jazzercise, by the way, as part of my cross training, and it's pretty hardcore! I joined a 24-hour gym, also, and it's fantastic to have around.


That was an awesome concert, and I saw Jessica Simpson! She was singing along to all the lyrics.

Other Erin

JOHN MAYER, on Valentine's Day! There's a husband who knows the quickest way to a woman's heart.

Though I might add that my Dave did just fine, too. No John Mayer, though ...

And I agree about the mushy stuff is so dang fun -- I never thought I'd get weepy over reading about "asshat" like on Krista's blog ...


I'm jealous. I wanted to go to that concert, but unfortunately had to go to St. Cloud for work.

I agree, John Mayer needs a haircut. Eww. And I definitely would have been obsessed with trying to spot Jessica Simpson.


A little over a year ago, I was the biggest cynic when it came to mushy love stuff. Every year, I gave my annual "Valentine's Day is an evil holiday" speech at work. That was before I fell in love. They say it's better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all, but I disagree. Knowing how great love is and not having it anymore is torture. I miss it (and him) soooo much! You guys are all so incredibly lucky to have found your special someones -- really thought I had found mine.

P.S. Since I can't go more than a week without a trip to Walgreens, here's what my bag would contain: In Touch magazine, a bottle of Evian, a word find, Chapstick, Post-It notes, a PEZ dispenser, a Rice Krispies treat, and Cheetos :o)


much thanks to your #9, as it was a bright point in my afternoon. it made my heart all skippy and stuff as i sat here and dazed off into the daydreams of my own relationship. i smiled from ear to ear and laughed outloud to myself. gosh, being in love IS the best... i agree. :)

i'm glad you had a nice valentines. and lazy or not, i enjoyed this post. :)


This is the second time I read this post, and I laughed out loud again when I read #9 - not only because of your hilarious antics in the car, but because it made me think of just how strange Mark and I are...and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Glad you had a good V-day. :)


I read about Sweetest Day once and found out some weird stuff you might find slightly interesting...

It's not actually a holiday that's celebrated throughout the country... Rather, it's more of a Midwest phenomenon. Not only that, but we've somehow changed the original meaning of the "holiday."

Sweetest Day was invented by candy makers in Ohio and pitched to the government as a way to celebrate candy. The idea never really flew nationally but for whatever reason, Midwesterners picked it up and - in Wisconsin at least - it's celebrated as a pseudo-valentine's day of sorts.

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