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February 02, 2007



Whatever it is you're doing, it's sure to be more fun than I how I plan to spend my weekend. Since I have to park my 10 year old car outside, I plan on starting her up every few hours. In between though, it will be a great weekend to get caught up on projects and enjoy good food. I plan to make chili (finally!), hot chocolate, and my Sunday morning favorite, Pillsbury cinnamon rolls.


Oohh such suspense. I wonder what you could be doing?! =)


We are miserable!!! I mean, yes, we are staying in and keeping warm together. But overall, we HATE this. HATE. It hurts. I am crying. My hands are cracking and bleeding. I will move soon.


We are under blizzard warning in michigan, which is the worst of all snow watches/warnings. It is also extremely cold, so be thankful that you can actually go somewhere if you wanted.


Of all the folks I know, I figured you'd be the one most likely to find a way to enjoy this frightfully cold weather. I can't wait to see what you came up with.

We're under a severe cold and wind chill warning here in SW Ontario. We're cocooning with movies, books, popcorn and hot chocolate. And if the kids want to stay in their pyjamas a little while longer, we're OK with that, too.

Stay warm and enjoy!

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