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January 07, 2007



I've seen that place a bunch of times too and never really had enough interest to check it out. Interesting to finally hear what it's like. Unfortunately, it doesn't strike me as very fun.

Check out this Folgers ad from the 50s that I posted awhile back for a laugh:


That is hilarious! Like that's all women had to worry about back then - whether or not they could make a good cup of coffee for their husbands. If Dave didn't like the cup of coffee I made him, I'd tell him to screw off and make his own!

And that article from Good Housekeeping has actually been on our fridge since we moved in together - reminds me every day how to be a good wife. :)


I visited the Eisner when they first opened. I was an ad major at the time, so I thought it was the coolest thing. My second visit wasn't until last spring. I think it definitely helps if you have some interest in advertising. I don't know if it's quite a destination as much as it is part of a day in the Third Ward since you only need about an hour to go through it. Visit the Eisner, get food at the market, annoy a few boutique owners when you don't buy anything, and drool on the cool furnishings at Rubin's -- all that and you get some exercise and fresh air!

And thanks a lot for quoting the Pepsodent jingle -- now it's stuck in my head! My mom grew up in the 50's, and she used to sing it to me all the time when I was a little girl :o)


The first story I ever wrote, in my very young journalistic life, was about an exhibit at that museum. I'm glad you checked it out.


I like the Eisner. Kirsten and I went there on our first date! Seems so long ago now. It was pretty cool because they had a Harley Davidson exhibit at the time.


That would've been way more interesting than the Trek exhibit.

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