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January 10, 2007



Happy birthday! Early. Mine's Saturday, so it's my birthweekend too! :)

Erin Nevicosi

Thanks Erin!

I know, I saw that on Facebook - I said not only are we both writers and October brides and married to boys named Dave, but our birthdays are two days apart! =)

Happy Birthday to you! Hope you have a good one!


70 degrees? Your We Energies bill must be gigantic! I keep my apartment at a drafty 66. Does shivering count as an aerobic activity?

Mmmm, chili...I should make some.

Happy Birthday Erin (& Erin)! Capricorns Rule!


Happy Birthday!!!! I'm actually going to the Chili Bowl. I will report back on how it was.


The Chili Bowl...

followed shortly by the Toilet Bowl Bowl.

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