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January 18, 2007



You just told me yesterday that you should probably check out the MSO sometime.


Oh yeah! See, case in point: these things slip my mind very quickly! Thanks Andre.


Oh my god! You haven't been to Pier Wisconsin yet? I've already been there five times. :)


organ piper pizza, wow, our family started going there back in the early 80s!
Since you have mexican fiesta on your list, do the Make a Wish 5k on that Sat and you not only get to run a 5k, money goes to make a wish, you also get into fiesta for free!!


Have you ever seen a show at the Pabst? How about the Riverside? Have you ever raced remote control sailboats on Juneau Park Lagoon? How about a visit to St. Josephat's Basilica? Ever sample the beers at Bremen Cafe or the new Cafe Hollander? How abut the Sunday blues brunch down at the Piano Bar in the Third Ward?

You ever hike the trail along both sides of the Milwaukee river? Sledding down St. Mary's hill maybe? Have you taken a ride on the Lake Express Ferry? How about a walk all the way to the end of the McKinley Marina breakwater?

Okay, I'm done... That's all I could think of off the top of my head and I can't remember if you've written about a few of those here and there. Just throwing out more ideas! :)


Wow, thanks Mark. :) All great ideas! Some I've considered (and since forgotten about), others I haven't. We're actually heading out to Cafe Hollander for breakfast in a few minutes, and the Lake Express Ferry is on the list!

Keep 'em comin!


Oh, and P.S. Mark - your "wow, you haven't been to Pier Wisconsin yet? I've already been there five times!" comment has lit a fire under my rear - we're heading there after Cafe Hollander.

But I HAVE been to Pier Wisconsin a couple of times - just not to Discovery World. I'm looking forward to finally seeing it!


I didn't even notice Organ Piper on the list until I read the comments. It's pretty small in there -- you might want to bring earplugs. Oh, not for the organ, for all the kiddies having b-day parties!

After looking at your list of restaurants to try, mine looks kinda pathetic. Most of mine are of the (dreaded) chain variety!


Alright Erin... here's my list of "things to do" I know you've already done a few of these things and some of them are on your list but I'll just post the whole thing and hopefully you'll get some good ideas. :)

* Rent a paddle boat at Juneau Park Lagoon along Lincoln Memorial Drive
* Rent remote control sailboats at the Juneau Park Lagoon
* Rent a four-person bicycle cart (in Veteran's Memorial Park)
* Fly a kite at one of the kite-fly-in festivals in Veteran's Memorial Park
* Walk out on the breaker past McKinley Marina (best Milwaukee view)
* Have a picnic on top of Brewer's Hill
* Go to Doctor's Park north of Whitefish Bay or Grant Park south of Milwaukee
* Check out Jazz in the Park at Cathedral Square
* See other live music at Pier Marquette Park
* Watch the Milwaukee Art Museum wings open
* Go to any one of the art museums in Milwaukee
* See a show at the IMAX theater downtown
* Visit the Pabst Mansion
* Go to the Mitchell Park Domes
* Take the Usinger’s Sausage Tour
* Eat at Friday's in Miller Park during or not during a Brewers game
* Go frisbee golf at Dreska Park, Valley View, UW-Parkside, Grafton, Sussex, etc.
* Toss an ultimate frisbee around by Alterra by the Lake (Lafayette Hill)
* Ride the mountain bike trails that border the Milwaukee River
* Explore Lake Park (designed by the same person who designed Central Park)
* Walk along the RiverWalk downtown and have a drink along the way
* Discover the shops of the Third Ward
* Take a tour of the Harley Davidson plant
* Hang out at the new Milwaukee Public Market
* See how far you can get on the Oak Leaf Trail
* Watch airplanes take off and land at Mitchell International Airport
* Go antiquing in the Third Ward
* Friday Fish Fry
* Seek out all the sculptures and statues throughout the city
* Go to a play or a show at the Performing Arts Center
* Rent ice skates at the Pettit Ice Center
* Do a horse & carriage ride downtown
* Visit Yerkes Observatory near Lake Geneva
* Get a breakfast skillet at Ma Fischer’s
* Go clubbing at the clubs you've never been to
* Visit the Milwaukee County Zoo
* Go on a walking tour of downtown (talk to one of Milwaukee's Public Ambassadors)
* Seek out the corner bars you've never been to
* Watch the sunset from behind the summerfest grounds
* Visit America’s Black Holocaust Museum
* Walk around St. Josephat's Basilica
* Go on a brewery tour (Miller, Lakefront, Sprecher)
* Take a ride on the Edelweiss down the river and out on the lake
* Shop the Grand Avenue during a rainy day
* Try to guess the password at the Safe House
* Go to a movie at the Oriental or the Downer Theater
* See a show at the Pabst, Riverside, Shank Hall, or the Mirimar Theater
* Go sledding on Lafayette Hill
* Drink a cup of coffee on Brady Street
* Have a beer outside the Nomad World Pub on Brady
* Take a small road trip south to Kettle Moraine State Forest or Lapham Peak S.P.
* Have dinner atop the Hyatt Regency downtown (Polaris Restaurant)
* Go to a festival OTHER than summerfest
* Rent a kayak from Laacke & Joys and paddle the Milwaukee River


Holy moly, Mark. I need to buy you a drink!

I have done probably almost half of those things - but that's been in a year and half. The other half of your list is great and could certainly keep me busy for MONTHS!

Rock on. :)


Well I'm glad I could help! I'll make another list next time you're runnin low on things to do. :)

And about the beer? Maybe we'll cross paths one day... it's a small world after all.


Mark, that is a good list, but dammit you've got a lot of time on your hands.


I can't believe you've never been to the Organ Piper Erin! What were you doing all those years in HS when we'd make group trips there?

That place holds a special place in my heart, with many fond memories. We should get a group of us together and go. Group date anyone? =)


I've been to Organ Piper several times, Christi! But it's been years and years - so I obviously have to go back if I'm going to blog it. :)

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