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January 29, 2007



Way to go Erin! Great action shot!


Nice picture. I saw the article on the web and thought that I had heard about this from somewhere else. And then I remembered reading your blog about it. Keep up the intensity.
By the way, really enjoy reading your insights into everything about the area. Much better than some on the websites that pay their writers!


Thanks Brian.

Although I can assure you, if I do start being paid for the time I put into Play in the City, which I'm pushing for, nothing about my reviews and insights will change!

Glad you enjoy them. :)


That is quite the headband.


Thanks, smart a**. It's my thing. Keeps my hair out of my face and catches the sweat (I mean, the glow) from my brow.

I can't help that it makes me look totally awesome in the process.


That's a pretty good picture of my right arm.

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