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January 21, 2007



Well, I'm happy you liked it! I personally think it's better than Gil's actually... but that's only because I had a few bad food experiences when it was Gil's.

About upstairs though? It's still a seating area but it's much nicer now that they've replaced the windows, gotten rid of those cheesy stage lights and added the giant rectangle hole in the floor.


I agree that Gil's was never more than decent. I'll have to check out the new place, though.


Wow -- that hot chocolate looks divine! I think the pictures you take of your meals really adds an important visual to your posts. But I gotta ask, do you ever feel funny taking the pictures of your food when you're sitting in a restaurant?


Cafe Hollander has become one of our favorites for breakfast. Kirsten and I were actually there Sunday morning too! We must have just missed you.


How long was your wait? That place looks busy.


Farrah, yes I do feel a little funny taking pictures of my food, but not funny enough not to take them!

And Alba, we were seated immediately. It was busy, but the tables turned pretty quickly. I didn't see any group that came in wait more than five minutes or so.


I went last night for dinner. They sat us upstairs, so it's not just reserved for private parties. They ave a great beer selection. The food selection is pretty unique and reasonably priced.

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