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January 16, 2007



What a fabulous birthday! You should probably keep your husbdan. ;-)


And I totally meant to say "husband."


Yeah, he's got me beat. Happy birthday, Erin. Sounds like a good one to me.


Gee, 25 seems so long ago already! I can't even remember what I did that year (but I'm sure I probably had to work). You are a lucky lady indeed -- you married someone who knows how to cook! Enjoy John Mayer, that should be a good show.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Um, Dave, can you please teach my husband to cook like that? TIA!


I'm surprised that more girls are interested in Dave cooking as opposed to singing 'Happy Birthday' alone.


Happy Belated Birthday!! Sorry I didn't get over to say it sooner. Work has been crazy and I am WAY behind in my blogging and blog reading.

Oh, and 25 is nothing. I have 30 sneaking up on me in a 2 weeks!


Happy Birthday Erin! Sorry I didn't see this post sooner...

Anyway, it is kind of a bummer to have those "grown up" birthdays but that's the way it goes, right? After all, I don't plan on doing anything exciting for my birthday besides watch the super bowl. At least I don't have to work! ;)


In my ideal world, everyone will get the day off on his/her birthday.

May your 25th be the first of countless wonderful days of celebration for you, Erin. Thank you for sharing your day with us!


Derek -

I'm proud to be a three-week survivor of my 30th birthday. I agree with Erin that 25 is a big one as far as adult birthdays go, but once you turn 30, there's no turning back. Welcome to a whole new decade!

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