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December 18, 2006


Audra Shalles

Crazy how busy things get this time of year, huh?

I agree that $7 for a drink is a lot if there's nothing in it... C'mon bartenders - do the job right! But let's be glad that Milwaukee's mixed drink prices are still below average compared to the likes of places like Miami or LA!

Happy Holidays!


I've heard that the ballet company has gotten a whole lot better in the last few years, which is great. I saw The Nutcracker here three or four years ago though, and it was pretty bad - and I have been to the ballet enough to have a reference point. I was certain that one of the dancers was going to eat it during the show.

And just to compliment the performance, some of my extended family was there, and we were in the balcony (where dressing up means a leather Packer jacket and your "nice" jeans). My sister got sick in the middle of it and puked on the floor... and a little on the people in front of her. At intermission, when I went with her to cut the long line of people at the bathroom, a drunk woman talked smack. I told her to "shut it". Then almost got in a fight with her boyfriend.

*That* is how my family rocks the ballet.


Don't you wish you loved ballet and opera? I feel like I should but have never gotten the feeling for it.

Have a nice holiday!


I really enjoyed this post!

Merry Christmas!!!

Love, Jayne

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