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December 06, 2006



A)That's awesome about your brother.
B)I love Potbelly's
C)I live in Madison
D)I am totally going to go see him sometime


I've been fighting pretty hard not to buy that game. I really want to play Free Bird.


There's also a Potbelly's at the new Bayshore Town Center.


Mmmm. Potbelly's peanut butter and jelly sandwiches... delicious.

Also, way to go Little Leffelman!


Um...There are PotBellys all over Wisconsin girl where have YOU been =) Lake Geneva just opened one up too.

And Guitar Hero rocks! I have been addicted to GH1 for a few months now and I'm excited for the when the baby bro. throws down the cash for GH2. Freebird here I come!!! =) Watch out.


awesome for your bro. my younger bro, mike, is in 2 bands that also get to play around town, but here - in very cool for him!!

and potbelly's at bayshore is very cool - the first day it was open i couldn't get in (w/ my big stroller and all) and the mgr. came out and gave me free sandwich coupons so i would come back on a less crowded day, which i did, and totally enjoyed myself.

and that game, looks awesome. depending on how much it is, i may want to get one for my son. hmmm.


It's $80, Heidi.


I finallly bought Guitar Hero II a couple weeks ago. You guys better hope that the next time we cross paths, I don't have my wireless, plastic, toy axe.

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