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December 15, 2006



I haven't but I'd like to. I like the name and the logo. It (logo) seems overly trendy yet cool. The same goes for the name with the "@" in it...interesting. Of course, I do have some whiskey in my coffee this morning so who knows.


Just so you know love, the [email protected] link doesn't work.


Thanks! I just fixed it - it was that darn @ sign in the name.


My comments are being screwy.


I have been to [email protected]! I went when it first opened with a friend who works for the Marcus Corp. for a practice dinner and everything was very tasty! They have an intersting menu with everything from sushi to duck to mac and cheese. Everything was served beautifully and unexpectedly also. The menu was a tad confusing - split up into appetizers, entrees etc like usuual -but they used different words than those, which I thought was odd and needed to be explained by the server...but I give them credit for going against the norm. The inside is small (it is the old Kilborn Cafe) but VERY sleek and sexy...very Vegas-ish. Its a great, new, hip addition to downtown.

Kristine Hansen

I've been there twice so far ... definitely worth checking out. Marc Bianchini created most of the menu.


This place is excellent in every way! Food, service, atmosphere... It all rocks. Find out more about my visit here:

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