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December 12, 2006



I was at Bayshore Mall yesterday doing some Christmas Shopping as well and I couldn't believe how much that place had changed!! It reminds me a LOT of Old Orchard down in Illinois!!!

I've heard Bayshore get a lot of bad wrap about how unpractical it is for an outside to mall to be in the Midwest but I think people forget how willing a lot of people are to drive down to Chicago and shop Michigan Avenue in the dead of winter. What makes this so much different?

Sounds like your Christmas Party was fun. I wish i could go shopping!!!! (for myself I mean) =)

pretty gal

You work with some uggos


That wasn't very nice =(


No, it wasn't.


I was at Bayshore for the first time this weekend too and totally felt like I was in a different city. I loved it! It sort of reminded me of The Grove in Los Angeles - but on a bit of a smaller scale. There is a place in Madison that is somewhat similar too called Greenway Station and in the summer there are concerts and little fairs - I can totally see Bayshore doing the same thing. It is such a great addition to the northeast side of town.


Uggos? Seriously? Who says that? Oh, right. "Pretty gal" does.


Yeah, "uggos" is a dumb word. I prefer "fugly".

Pretty Gal

Cool people and non-uggos say uggos. Sorrrrry Krista, you cant use it.


Not only do we get awesome posts on a weekly basis from your blog Erin, but we also get a dose of drama through the comments!!!

Your blog rocks =)


Awww. Gee. That reeeeally sucks. Hmph.

pretty gal

Good one? Man an uggo and no come back skills. You are not a catch, krista. No sir.


Prettygal, what were you doing up at 8:30 this morning? Most gradeschoolers sleep in when they have a day off school.


Again, Good one. Come on people. Give me something to work with. These weak comments are less than desirable.


I know - why don't you post a link to a photo of yourself, PRETTYGAL, and we can all discuss whether or not you should be calling OTHER people unattractive. How about that?


R U HOTRNOT?!?!?!?!?!!111


She probably looks like a monkey.


Not, dude. NOT.


I love the Twisted Fork, espcially sitting in the big chairs by the window

Great place for meal before or drinks after a movie at the Oriental

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