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November 08, 2006



Great recap girl. It sounds like you guys had a perfect honeymoon!

Glad to have you guys back =)


Wow--it looks like a great time! I have an event today, so I don't have time to read everything, but I will tomorrow:) From the pics I see though it looks like a blast!!


Are you making a sand wedding cake in that picture?

Looks like a decent time. As for the fourteen-hour day, count your blessings. I'd love to go through ten hours of crap for four hours of doing something that cool.

Congrats on everything. I'm looking forward to meeting you as a married couple.


Thanks Andre - and I do feel thankful that we got to see the ruins. I wish the day would have been shorter, but I certainly wouldn't trade the experience for anything.

And yes, I was building a mini replica of our cake. :) Complete with a bow and everything.


I had a great time at the ruins and would do it again even knowing how hellish the bus ride was.


I was just looking over some of the pictures again... aren't those the same ruins as in "Against All Odds"?


I loved reading this! You are a great tour guide. I was in Cancun about 15 years ago, and we saw Chichen Itza and loved it. Our bus tour was a little bit more direct than yours, but it still took about 2 hrs. to get back to our hotel. I am doing a series of photos on my recent trip to Europe, so you may want to check it out.

Michele sent me.


It totally is the Against All Odds place. I knew there was a real reason behind why Dave wanted to go see it so bad. I can see it now...

Dave is an aging football star, looking to make a little extra money, hired to find Erin who is running from her past. He tracks her to Mexico, she's got some weird mask, he shoots some guy in the ruins, all while racing his ferrari through traffic listening to Phil Collins.


Andre, you're such a dork. :)

Neither of us knew what movie that was.


Tagline via IMDB...

"She was a beautiful fugitive. Fleeing from corruption. From power. He was a professional athlete past his prime. Hired to find her, he grew to love her. Love turned to obsession. Obsession turned to murder. And now the price of freedom might be nothing less than their lives."

Erin, I know what we're renting this weekend.


I guess you guys are a couple years too young to remember that terribly famous Phil Collins song...

So take a look at me now
Cause there's just an empty space
And you coming back to me
Is against all odds and that's what I've got to face.

And don't call me a dork! I'm not the one slow dancing with a dolphin.


It's a terribly popular song, therefore most everyone knows it, I'm sure, despite their age. What does it have to do with Against All Odds? I'm confused.

And it was fast-dancing.


Like swing dancing, or more like tango? The dolphin has no fingers to snap, so it can't be whitey dancing.

Phil Collins did the title track to the movie. For the love of god, at least watch the very first part of the video. The 80s were awesome, and the movie is just as sweet as the video.


I'd never heard of the movie, but I am familiar with the song. The Postal Service even did a fun cover of it for some crappy movie that came out about 2 years ago. I think Josh Hartnett was in it.


Ok boys, can we quit talking about movies and music on my honeymoon post now?

Thanks much. :)


Moving on then...So I hear Robin Yount isn't coming back next year. That's kinda sad.


How much gel did Dave have to use to keep his hair all metrosexual-ed up while swimming with the dolphins?


Awww, snap! Silly Dave with his combed hair and shirts with buttons. :^)


wow... I'm jealous about the dolphins... always wanted to do that


It's pomade not gel, silly.


Hey, I was looking up info on Puerto Morelos and I came to your page. I too am going on a Honeymoon to the same place. Your narrative was the first thing that has made me excited. I thank you although you do not know me. Eric

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