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November 28, 2006



Fabulous tree! And I'm impressed by your using a real one (and cutting it down yourselves!).

We've got a few fake ones. We cut corners. :)


Um. I LOVE the bobble-head. HA. That is high-quality business, right there.

You guys are awesome. (Although I assume that was Dave's doing...)


Yeah that's Santa Sheets. Erin made me take him down about as quickly as I put him up. Though I think that bear in the faux fireplace is way more tacky(sorry Mom).


Bear in fireplace? That sounds like a Hallmark ornament.


Aw, crap. Well, it was cool while it lasted. ;-)

Sarah M

Erin, I am going to buy you some ornaments for your birthday this year.


hahahaha Sarah!

I do need more ornaments. I left a ton off because so many of the ones I've accrued over the years from mom and Grandma are just hideous! (sorry Mom)

Plus the branches were kind of flimsy so the heavy ones didn't work too well .... Next year, sturdier branches and more ornaments. Got it. ;)


But what about tinsel?


Tinsel sucks!!!


Hi. I recently moved to Milwaukee and was referred by a friend to the Play in the City website. I came here for information about what to do in Milwaukee since I know very few people and I am excited to get to know the city. I came across your blog, and I am really confused. What does your wedding (in excruciating detail) have to do with this site? I have never been so bored in my life. And I am going to throw out a big "who the hell cares" to your ridiculously boring account of how you picked out and decorated your ugly-ass tree. Maybe you should blog about yourself on your own website, because that seems to be the only thing you are interested in writing about.


Gee, Mike, I can't imagine why you have very few friends in the city. You seem like such a cheerful guy. No, seriously. Cheerful. Honestly.


Mike, why would you want to take someone's word on what's "cool" in the city of Milwaukee, without getting to know them a little bit as well?

Your comments were rude and unecessary. Erin gives a healthy balance of both her personal life, and great things to do in the city. And if you would have taken the time to read her posts (instead of instantly judging them) you would have noticed that she previously warned all of us that for a few months...there was going to be little mention of Milwaukee (HELLO! PLANNING A WEDDING IS A BIG TIME CONSUMING DEAL!!!)..but that things would get back to normal soon. And they have!!!

Cutting down a Christmas tree is SOMETHING to do in MILWAUKEE. I say she's done her job =)

Lighten up a bit Mike and check out her left sidebar if you're still worried about what to do in this great town of ours.


Gosh, Mike. Good luck with making friends around Milwaukee. As a matter of fact, I know some people there that I can recommend to you. Wait. No. They're decent human beings. Nevermind.

Don't just happen upon a blog, read three posts, and then instantly judge it. This is what? Two years' worth of blogging? Did you take some time out of your clearly busy social life to read a bit more? Probably not. I've never read MORE about Milwaukee than I have here, and I lived there for four years.

Don't judge Erin. Or her blog. Just read something else. When people REGULARLY read a blog, they like to know a bit about the person who's writing it. Or, I guess if you were social, you'd understand that.

Go find your Milwaukee scene somewhere else.


mike, what exactly is your problem? i can't say for you for certain, but i know that when i load up this blog on my screen it shows about 23 entries or so. it's fair to say that half of them are based on things to do in and around milwaukee and the others are based more on erin's personal life. if you don't believe me, try counting, unless of course you're too busy writing out rude comments. i don't even live in milwaukee - as a matter of fact, i live over an hour away - but i don't seem to have any trouble finding things to do in brew town. if you're not interested in a particular entry, pass it by and move on; find something that does interest you. there is no need to become cruel and judgemental because it doesn't cater to your specific liking.

at this point, i'm even impressed you had a "friend" to refer you to this page. it's obvious they have better discretion than yourself.


Dave, I believe this is when you are supposed to start talking about the Brewers.


Go Brewers.



If I didn't know better, w/ all this controversy I'd have thought you'd just gotten gay married and adopted a genetically engineered, North Korean christmas tree! :)

Erin, stop being so darned controversial!


I'm just pissed that he called our Christmas tree ugly.

Moving on...Craig Counsell? 6mill? 2 years? What's up with that?


He's probably just pissed that you won't put sweet tinsel on it.

And moving on, I'd say it's because they didn't expect anyone else to make a good offer even though they didn't have anyone in mind to replace him.


I don't think it would bother me as much if it were a 1 year deal. The idea of giving an average to below average 36 year old utility man a guaranteed 2 year 6 mill. contract with a 3rd year option is what irks me. Then again I'm just a fan. What do I know? In Doug Melvin we trust.


I think their plan all along was to hang on to him and just better anyone else's offer, but I think they just weren't expecting that they'd have to counter an offer like a starting second position.


I don't like when you guys use my blog to talk about the Brewers. Go start your own blog!


Okay, we're on schedule...

Erin posts something personal about what she did in the city?
Someone complains about Erin writing about her personal life? Check.
Me and a bunch of people start yelling at him? Check.
Dave starts talking about the Brewers to change the subject? Check.
Erin complains that her comments are full of Brewers stuff? Check.

I think all we're waiting on a now is a new post to really change the subject. :^)


Are you guys totally snowed in right now? I'm jealous.

Jeff H

I visit this site often and love it. However there some truth to Mikes comments about the wedding blogs. It was too much too often.

Of couse I knew that eventually Erin would get back on track. It looks like she did. I want to enjoy "Play In The City" as I've come to know it.

Congratulations on the wedding. Please return to our reqular scheduled programming.

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