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November 18, 2006



I rate this your best post ever! : ) I had no idea Chipotle was doing this... is it every location? Jon and I will definitely be hitting up Chipotle tomorrow... maybe Mon, Tue and Wed, too. Can't complain about a free burrito!


Word. I like it when you tell us stuff before it's over. :-P

I might actually give this a shot. Now all I have to do is find a Chipolte.


LOL I should punch you, Andre.

There's one on Ogden Avenue right by Vivo and Panera, and there's one by Brookfield Square on Bluemound Rd. There are a few others in the Milwaukee area, too - you can look at Chipotle's website to find out where.



I think you punched me more than enough times at Moct.


I went to the one on Ogden last night - there was a line out the door of about 50 people (mostly MSOE students) getting their free burritos. They had tons of people working though so it as fast, and worth it!


I went for lunch today - thanks for the heads up!

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