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October 19, 2006



Eeeeeeeek! I am SO excited for you! Sigh. I can't wait 'til my turn! :-)

Have a wonderful week of final preparations!


I have tears in my eyes as I can totally relate and remember feeling exactly how you're feeling. You have such a great perspective... you know that it's all going to come together and be so worth it in the end. I'm so incredibly excited for you! Enjoy these last few days. Enjoy the few moments of peace you'll find. Enjoy the smiles and hugs from family and friends as they begin coming into town. Enjoy the craziness! Because after the craziness comes the awesomeness of the wedding and reception, followed by the peace and quiet of the honeymoon. Enjoy it all!


This post was super exciting. I am so excited for you! Can't wait to hear every detail about the big day...


p.s. I love the picture of the milk - I totally do the same thing when something exciting is coming up and I see a commercial for a movie or something and it says what date it is coming out...I always think - yay! by Nov.11, I will be in Florida (or whatever the exciting thing may be)...

...or maybe you were just taking the picture because it had the date of your wedding on it and weren't thinking - "I will be married by the time this milk has expired"...

...In which case, I have rambled on much too long.


LOL Kelly - no, you had it right! I did indeed think "I will be married by the time this milk expires." It's crazy! Milk doesn't last very long! :)


I'm SO excited for you Erin! I'll admit, reading this post got me a little sad that my wedding is over, but so very happy for the fun that's right around the corner for you! I hit my "breaking point" the Tuesday of my wedding week--so it's good you have hit yours and don't have to worry about it interfering with next week:) Enjoy every minute of everything--shopping for the honeymoon, still being engaged at your last "wedding" as an engaged couple--all of it! Have fun!!!


hahaha you'll be getting married, while you're milk is beginning to curddle =)


The first thing I plan on eating when we get back is a homemade cheese sandwich.


Ok, I can't really get over the lameness of the last two comments. I'm embarrassed that you're two of my favorite people. Seriously.


Reading that brings me back to the same time in our wedding planning, it seems like it was just yesterday. Don't worry, everything will work out, even the glitches will be fine! The two biggest things to keep in mind are, you are marrying the man you love and once your wedding day begins, there is nothing else to worry about. Everyone else will have your back, and there is nothing that could go so incredibly wrong that it will ruin your perfect day. Just remember to enjoy your day from beginning to end, for it will fly by so quickly. Congrats, and best wishes!
Love Matt & Julie Gerber


Hey Girl, Just remember at this point it's done. All the planning is done and now just relax. I know you're probably thinking, are you crazy!? But the more you try to relax and let silly things go the more you will enjoy this final week and your day. I have seen brides be miserable the entire week of wedding and day of! I know you will have a great day. You have a great attitude and are keeping things in perspective - that you are marrying the man you love. Some women forget that and just think of the wedding and details. That is what helped me through my final week and day. I was marrying the man I loved and I didn't care about anything at that point.
Have a great week and a great wedding. Congratulations!


Is a "wedding forecast" any different than the regular weather? ;)


just remember to breathe

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