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July 16, 2006



Can you have Dave write an entry about his new DS? I'm intrigued... I LOVE mine!

You can take a DS outdoors, in Milwaukee... so it's topical! :)


I loved going to airshows as well as a kid. I grew up in Michigan and we would travel around the state during the summer and make a point to hit at least one airshow.

Not to lighten the mood, but I found some airshow footage of a Thunderbird accident where the pilot ejected just before crashing. Miraculously he survived with only minor injuries… The footage is in two perspectives, from the ground and a cockpit cam on the pilot. It's quite amazing!


Did Dave like his people's games?



Christi hatin' on the gays =)


Word, Christi. I was going to write "aww, snap," but I couldn't figure out a way to make it sarcastic enough. I need to find a way to roll my eyes in text.


andre I think this makes the point @ @

It's the eye text. It's the best I could do =)

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