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July 25, 2006


monnie halberg

Sorry your class wasn't all it was cracked up to be...
Wanted to tell you though that I think you'd enjoy a book I just read; it's call "Garlic and Sapphires." The author is Ruth Reichl and she used to be the New York Times food critic. I believe now, she's the editor of Gourmet magazine. Anyway, I'm a big fan of cooking myself and I learned a lot by reading her book, (she has others as well) because I had to look a lot of stuff up! Also gives you that food critic perspective you referred to!

Elizabeth (aka 'goldy' from the Knot.)  : )

Great post! I have a gift certificate to use at the Market and I was debating using it for a class. Now I'm thinking maybe I'll just use it to buy some yummy food, instead. If you take another class, be sure to post about it so you can help me make up my mind. : )


Hi Erin,

I was glad to read that you're willing to the cooking classes another chance! Next time, try calling Kathy DeCarlo at the market (she oversees the kitchen), and ask her for a reccommendation on which class to take. She even gave me a few suggestions on which chefs are easy on the eyes ;)

Good luck and keep up the great work :)



This spring my nephew and I went to one of these style of classes at a local cook's store. I learned very little and thought they may have been doing some things incorrectly, but that had more to do with taste than anything. My nephew, 7, and I had a blast just spending time together, and the food was pretty good. The thing we liked best of all was the people we met. There were a lot of kids who were great, and thier parents were pretty interesting too.


I have always wanted to take a cooking class. Of all classes that I've ever taken or wish to take, I think that a cooking class would be so fun. But, like you mentioned, cost is a big thing for me when choosing a class. Cooking classes are so often just one night, and they cost upwards of $60 for that one class!

Anyways, I think you should go back again and check out a different one. Each chef is very different, and maybe your style will work better with a different chef.


This makes me so sad. Every time I'm in town I think of going there to take one of those classes (sigh). I got a gift certificate for a cooking class for my birthday and am going to take one up here in Appleton. I'll let you know how it goes.


Good Eats rocks. It is a pretty good channel

michele sent me on an empty stomach

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