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July 18, 2006



We only made it once as well, on Thursday. It doesn't look like I made it into any of your pictures. :)

"A lover's quarrel" That's funny. Poor Dave. He's just getting over being sick and you have to start a quarrel with him?! ha ha


She says I'm annoying when I'm sick. I still remember in college when she told me I was being a baby because I was complaining about how horrible I felt. I went to the doctor the next week and found out I had strep and mono. What a sweetheart!


Women are the work of the devil, Dave. I wish I were kidding.


I was kinda wondering what your take was on the diving guy. Susan kept laughing. That made me sad.


That guy was the opposite of funny. I was embarrassed for all that were laughing.


Hey! Don't come on my site and start bashing women, mister.

We're fabulous and you love us. Now shut it.

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