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June 04, 2006



Rather you then me, anything remotely crafty or artistic ( using your hands) I am hopeless.
Michele sent me today :)


That is so great of you.

I used my computer's calligraphy font to print mine on clear labels. It looked nice. I think the older guests probably couldn't tell that they weren't hand written and the younger ones...they forgive me. ;)

We also got rid of the bouquet toss and garter belt stripping at our wedding.

Here via Michele's. I know you'll have a great wedding no matter what, have fun with it.


Good Job!! I'll help you with the invites, but it looks like you'll be the one writing out the addresses. I'll lick the envelopes and put the stamp on =)


I'm so excited to get an invite in the mail! I know that they'll be just beautiful, as will everything else on your big day.

And thanks for the little note. :) It looks like my name won't be a problem for you...


Thanks for the info on the workshops that Broadway Paper offer. My wife LOVES that place so I'm sure she'll want to give a couple of them a try. Hope all your wedding planning is going well!

John Redford

What a fantastic blog!!
I loved how detailed each of the entries were.
They were well balanced - fun and informative - and the pictures were great too.

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