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June 06, 2006



Riversplash just seems like an extension of Water Street bars... how much fun can that be? Frat boy fun isn’t for everyone I guess...


Very well put, Nick. I'm not into the Water Street scene so that's probably why Riversplash just didn't do it for me.


Did you notice that you took a picture of Mark Borchardt (American Movie, Coven) at the picnic table in the third picture?

"Do you know what cathartic means?"


Andre! Dave is going to be so excited that you pointed that out. We walked past him and Dave said "That's Mark Borchardt, the guy who did American Movie."

I had no idea who that was but Dave kept insisting. Now he has validation. Thanks!


I was at Riversplash on Friday night and it was great. And I'm not into the Water Street scene either. You really need to stay past 9:00pm - come on!

There's another great party this Sunday near your house - the Locust Street Festival. Come for the Beer Run at least.


That group is called "Man Down" ( and they were great! Kirsten and I watched them for like an hour. I can't believe I'm not in your pictures because we saw those same people dancing!


Alba, I admitted that we were there at a lame time! But we were ready to go - and we didn't want to spend any more money we didn't have on more drinks! To each their own ... I'm glad you had fun.

Thanks for the info on Locust Street Festival, too. I'll have to alert people to that - though I don't think I'll be able to go.

And Derek, thanks for letting us know who those guys were! They were really fun to listen to. That's funny that you saw those same people. I was concerned for that older blonde woman! But boy, was she entertaining!!


I'm with Alba, I hate the Water Street crowd, but I love Riversplash. It is free to go and beers are reasonably-priced. And I like that it is on the city streets.

It also has one of the best firework shows of the summer. The ones on Friday weren't great, and I missed the ones on Saturday, but in years past they have fireworks going off of the State and Kilbourn bridges criss-crossing each other over the river.

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