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June 19, 2006



Leave it to karma that you'd make fun of someone for not knowing how to open a bottle of wine easily, and then YOU have a tough time of it too!


My girlfriend (?) and I went to the MSO playing in one of the parks on Saturday. It was a reasonable turnout, I thought, and pretty cool for something that's free. Reminded me of living in San Francisco, where there's lots of free stuff to do all the time. It's good to see us getting some of that sorta thing.

If you go to the parks' website ( and click on the Summer's Best link in the middle of the page (it's the purple and green thing), you can see a whole calendar of stuff, including Jazz in the Park.

Charlie Nash

Yeah, it was only my second time @ Jazz that night. It's always a perk to have friends who work downtown and can get off early to snag a good spot!

And stop stalking me Erin! It's really very unbecoming for an engaged woman to be doing that! :) ha ha j/k


I'm looking forward to hitting up Jazz in the Park one of these weeks. I tend to go to River Rhythms more often because there's more places to sit. Jazz was really fun a few years ago but now it gets too packed!


Jazz in the Park rocks ... I was there too! Can't believe I didn't spot you in that crazy crowd - HA!


I haven't been to Jazz in the Park in years. We surburbanites tend to get frightened away by the crowd and parking thing. But then again, we did Riversplash with absolutely no problem. Hmm....perhaps we'll give it a try one of these Thursdays. After all, it's what I love about Milwaukee!

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