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June 28, 2006



Very nice post, ENev:-) I'm jealous you get to do this blog. I wish I was as computer savvy. Hope to see you soon at another GTG.



Ewww you didn't wash your hands? Dirtball.


Hmmm... sounds like a real girly good time!

Ah, La Fuente... great margaritas. Although they have gotten me into troube in the past... let's just say I proposed marriage and am now engaged to 2 co-workers...

yikes! :)


I was hoping to be the next "blog buddy" you met but I don't know now after that non-hand washing incident!


You were drinking WINE at the Milwaukee ALE House?!? I know you normally don't like beer, but they have GOOD beer there!


hehehe silly brides =)

Glad you had fun!!

Juggling Mother

Oh yes, i remember the fun planning my wedding was - and how nobody else was very interested (except my mother, but we mostly argued!). I also talked onlne a fair bit:-) It sounds like a good night was had by all despite the power outage.

Here from Micheles today


It's certainly nice to have a hobby, Erin, and talking about weddings is more fun than collecting stamps. I guess. More a girl-thing, y'know?

Michele sent me off to see you, Erin. And Milwaukee, of course.


Great blog!

Good luck on your wedding,

Here from Michelles,



Hi Erin...Here from Michele's.
Not sure why you couldn't post on my blog. The comment area to click is on the lower right after my entry, but thanks for visiting.
This sounded like a fun night out...sans the power failure. My cousin lives in Oak Creek, close to Milwaukee.


Love your energy! Would you be interested in being a Bride's Night Out Party Consultant? Give me a call or send me an email.

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