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May 07, 2006



Haha, you'll get to ride a go-kart eventually... But yes, it's very weird that you haven't ridin in one.. and not having been to the Public Museum. Our museum is great! The exhibits are way outdated and haven't been changed since I was a kid decades ago but there's the butterfly wing now and the bugs alive exhibit.. which are always fun things to see/do. You definitely seem like the kind of person who'd like to let a butterfly land on them.


It would be pretty sad to die a virgin.


Those Salmon-on-a-stick things rock! We were there yesterday and had the Cajun flavored version. I tried their "salmon jerky" which was good, too.

The public market is a great stop in Milwaukee. We particularly enjoy sampling the different vendors' delicacies and have discovered more great cheeses, chocolates, etc. from there.


Yeah, I think you have to go all the way to the Dells for Go Karts and, in my opinion, they're kind of scary there. People get all "Indy 500" about it and try to bump you and, well, I'm just too much of a chicken. But that's the Taj Mahal of Go Karts - Big Chief.

Hubby and I just went to the Public Museum on Sunday to see the Vatican exhibit, which I found fascinating! I recommend to get the audio tour and/or definitely talk to the docents - they're incredibly knowledgeable and can tell you great stories about things like Liturgical Drinking Straws. I'm Catholic and I had never heard of those. Gotta get me some!

I'm a Public Market virgin and must get there, especially now that I know they have Seafood on a Stick!

Hi from Tosa! *waves*


First time poster, long time reader. I agree that you will have to go west a hour or so to ride outdoor go - karts. Though in West Bend at Stocky's Fast Track they have an indoor track. The cars are electric and they claim that the acceleration is better than the gas powered ones. Haven't personally been there, but have been trying to for a while.


Thanks for the info. Tom! I'll have to look into that place ...

Glad you decided to leave a comment - thanks for reading! :)

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