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April 02, 2006



Sounds Delish! Now...I must. go. eat! so. hungry!

(hi from Michele's)

amused observer

milwaukee is a city i've never visited. your dinner out sounded wonderful.

oh, and i am very excited for opening day as well.

here from michele.


Thanks for the great write up! I've been meaning to go there for many months and we just never do. Outside of your review, I've also heard good things so it's now first on my list of places to go next. Thanks again!


Good for you guys! I'm glad that you took the opportunity to try a great new place with your rebates. I think that too often, when people are really in a crunch phase with money, they forget to get out there and still enjoy life. Now, obviously you guys know how to do that - look at all the great things you blog about - but kudos on giving yourselves a pat on the back with a great night out.

I love scallops, and just reading about your dish made me salivate a little bit. Glad that you enjoyed your dinner!


My partner and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary in January. We'll be spending a couple of nights in downtown Milwaukee. Zarletti is always a place we've talked about going to for dinner. Perhaps we should give it a try.


Zarletti is a terrific place. We've been there a couple of times since my post on 12/31/06. I highly recommend it.


My partner and I visited Zarletti yet again on 1/19/08. It was our 11th anniversary. Dinner was wonderful, as was our server, Ryan.

However, on all our visits over the past 12, 13 months or so, it wasn't until this visit that we realized the Zarletti's allowed smoking in their restaurant.

Perhaps we were just lucky on previous visits, and no smokers were on premises, but I can assure you it was certainly a turn off!!!

It's a relatively small dining room, and even though smoking appeared to be allowed in just one corner of the bar near the restrooms, it still permeated the dining room. We wondered, where was that smell coming from? Yuck!!!!

Oh well, I think we did a good job of trying not to let the smoking ruin our evening. The food and service again -- excellent!

However, and we have to be honest, do we chance a return visit and risk the smoke smell again?

We sent the Zarletti's a short letter commenting on the meal and our "issue", thinking perhaps they'd respond, but they have not. Oh well . . .

However, just thinking again of the tilapia and pumpkin squash stuffed ravioli we had as entrees that evening makes our mouth water.

So, do we return? Hmmmmm . . . . .

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