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April 17, 2006



Hey Erin, did you ever check out doctor's park by chance? You should! And glad to hear that you liked that movie... I was planning on going to it but wanted to hear if someone liked it first.

The weather, by the way, has been magical. I agree. Once we finally get leaves on the trees, it'll be impossible not to be happy!


I haven't checked out Doctor's Park yet, but I certainly will! It's just farther down past Big Bay Park, right? I've never been to Fox Point so I don't know exactly where it is ...


Yup, it's just down the road from Big Bay Park. It's riiiight past Fox Point but before the Schlitz Audobahn Nature Center. Super easy to find... just keep your eye out for the sign - the exact address is 1870 East Fox Lane.


I love spring. And your pictures are pretty!


I love the waterfront pictures. You very nicely managed to capture how the water interacts with the land. I can see myself sitting there right now. At least I wish I could!

Which reminds me: I've got to get my own rear end onto the bike paths this week. Lots of friendly strangers to meet along the way.


Hi, Michele sent me.

I also loved "Thank You for Smoking." Hilarious!

Beautiful shots of Big Bay Park.

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