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April 09, 2006



Looks like Milwaukee is getting some amazing public spaces...something that would attract visitors from afar. I know I'd love to spend time at Pier Wisconsin (see my post on my blog about my love of all things water.)

Great to e-see you again, Erin.


I'm incredibly excited for this to open! I'm heavily involved in Milwaukee development so I'm constantly keeping track of all of the construction around the city. Here's a discussion thread I started in a development forum - All kinds of good things to read/see in there. :)


The wind blew over the "Keep Out" sign, sure. Don't be so modest. You were going above and beyond, and in this case, trespassing, to bring us readers a behind-the-scenes look at the new attraction! :)


This sounds like a really cool project!

You know, I read all the time about you and Dave taking great walks near your house. The next time I visit you, I'm going to come during the day and we're going for a walk!


Hi, just thought I'd come and say hello from Michele's


Hey, Erin. Thanks for the mention! :)

BTW... I think you're the 1st Milwaukeeian (Milwaukeian, Milwaukatian?... whatever) who has said they liked the whale wall

Whenever I pass it was any of my friends, they say they hated it

Personally, I'll side w/ you

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