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April 03, 2006



Holy crap. Is that a Super Nintendo?!


LOL it sure is!

We busted it out of the closet a few weeks ago when we were bored. Played a little Tetris and Super Tennis. We haven't touched it since, but we haven't taken the time to put it away either. Dave is usually on the Play Station in the back room. I wish we had an original Nintendo - now THAT would be cool.


Tecmo SuperBowl.


I've never been to Miller Park, but it looks really nice in there. I think I've eaten at the restaurant in there that overlooks the field, though.

I love the picture of Dave with the rain. Too funny.


You’re not much of a baseball fan, are you? Where is there a mention (or a photo) of any of the players? And games aren’t fun w/out a group?? That’s sad. The kids' area was the best?? Not during a game it isn’t. Why do you insist on taking a photo of you and your fiancé and your friends everywhere? (Kind of narcissistic, don’t you think?) Show me a picture of Ben, Bill, or Ned. We get it. You were there. (I know… “it’s MY blog, blah blah blah.” zzzzzzzzzz)


Honey, this is the second time you've taken issue with one of my posts in like a month ... I gotta ask, why do you keep coming back?

No, I'm not that big of a baseball fan. But I do see three photos of players above. Guess you must have been too distracted by the one picture of me to notice them. And this wasn't a game - I was emphasizing the different offerings for a family at this particular event.

If people are fans, they know who the Brewers players are, and if they aren't fans, they don't really care anyway. I didn't go to this event to tell you about Ben, Bill and Ned. You can watch the nightly sportscast for that.

And sometimes I do consider not posting a picture of myself and then I think, ya know, I could have easily sent Dave or a friend or anyone to this event for me and then pretended I was there ... so I post it as proof. And of course to fulfill my narcissistic self.

After all, it IS my blog. A blog that obviously keeps you intrigued enough to keep coming back.


Intrigued? Oh no. Quite the contrary. I first visited after finding out that this blog was part of a Milwaukee tourism experiment (is that experiment over now, and you’re on your own??). Initially, I couldn’t believe all the press it had gotten. For me, it’s like one of those “Magic Eye” things – I stare and stare and I try really hard to see why other people might think it’s cool or interesting, but just don’t see it and I wonder if what I’m seeing is all there is. And then I post because feel the need to speak out. You see, I have a problem with someone talking about an event (be Brewer’s On Deck or Andrew Bird) who doesn’t really feel the total experience of what they are writing about. Passionless posts. The Brewer’s On Deck was more than just something to do on a rainy day – it wasn’t Miller Park Open house, it was for Brewer’s fans. I know. I was there. I have pictures, of the field, the racing sausages, the musicians, and the players. I missed your player pictures probably because they don’t have titles on them or were hard to see in thumbnail form so I didn’t bother clicking. You failed to mention the Brewer’s highlights streaming on the big screens with Uecker’s play-by-plays. Working out. Signing autographs. Turnbow coming out with the glove on his head. The team doing stretching exercises out in right field. The back-to-back homers to left field stands during batting practice (I think that was Rickie or Bill – can’t remember). People scurrying for foul balls as if it was a real game. The absolute coolness of getting the closest seat possible to watch them practice and you didn’t have to spend a buck. And I had a veggie dog with the amazing Stadium Sauce (another topic you didn’t discuss). My previous comment was re: Andrew Bird. I was not at that particular Andrew Bird show you wrote on, but had I been, I would have written about his amazing musicianship, quirky lyrics, and how well he did his rendition of “A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left.” I know you were sick – so why bother bringing it up? I don’t make comment if you write about the zoo, or the Domes, or your book club, or your review of a restaurant. My comments are reserved for that which you have written about which you have no real passion for. If music isn’t your passion (which is kind of sad), don’t waste words writing about it. If baseball games are something you go to simply to hang out with friends, my thought would be why pay the money for a ticket, but more than that - why write about it? It falls flat. I know. I should get my own blog. Oh wait. I already have one!! Doesn’t everyone? I just choose not to advertise.

By the way, I think your loyal readers trust you. They don’t need photographic proof every time.


I'm impressed - you've actually made me think, and you've made some very valid points.

I am quite a passionate person, which can be seen, I think, in many of my posts. But I'm not a faker, and I certainly can't fake passion for something I feel nothing about - like Andrew Bird and baseball. Your advice to not post at all rather than write a passion-less post is definitely something I will take into consideration ... I suppose sometimes I just feel that since people are coming back here every day, I should give them something new as often as I can, even if it's something I don't actually feel like writing about.

So - all of your digs aside (yes, music is a passion, but I'm just not really an Andrew Bird fan) - thank you for the feedback.

Another thing, I couldn't really believe all the press it got, either, so there's something we have in common. I enjoyed every minute of it, but at the same time, I couldn't help but think - it's JUST a blog - and like you said, everyone's got 'em. But I have to ask: when you post a comment on here, it lets you type in your URL - why don't you do that? You don't want me and everyone else to see YOUR blog or who you are? I think that's a bit cowardly.

And to answer your question, no, the "experiment" isn't over - actually, you've got me for at least another year! :)

Just one other thing - I'm going to keep posting pictures of myself on here ... and of my fiance ... and of my friends and family and whoever else I feel like. If you don't like it, don't look.


Who has the best looking facial hair on the Brewers this year? Tough choices. Personally I think its JJ Hardy. Not the cleanest goatee on the team (that award goes to Geoff Jenkins), but it's youthful much like spry SS himself.


JJ, definitely, although I have to say Doug Davis’ facial hair is looking mighty nice as well. Jenkins only keeps the facial hair so people can decipher him from Brett Favre. Good think you chose facial hair - well all know who best HAIR goes to! Turnbow!!

Brewers 3, Pirates 2 - Can you say SWEEP???!?! SWEET!!!


Holy crap Gaper, lay off it! You don't have to be obsessed to be a Brewers fan. It was just her take on her experience.

And Dave, JJ definitely wins that award.


Way to ever-so-gently change the subject there, Dave.


And I love the fact that they sweeped Pitt... let's just hope they can keep doing it this year. None of this win two games then give up the third like we did last season. We almost did last night... Turnbow gives me regular heart attacks. Then again, three closes in a row is rough way to start out the season.

And funny, btw, that Geoff and Carlos were the patient batters last night... looks like Fielder is our swing-for-the-fences guy now. Sigh.


Not too worried about our Prince yet. We're only 3 games in. He'll catch up to those fastballs and you'll be able to hear it from home when he does.

Oh and if we were having this same facial hair discussion 2 years ago Doug Davis would have annihilated all challengers. What did ever happen to the French waiter beard/moustache combo? I kinda miss it.


Geoff was a patient batter?? Are you kidding? Do you see his at-bat after he missed that catchable catch the inning right before – the one at allowed Pitt a run?? He struck out w/ bases loaded if I remember correctly – practically stepping in to swing before the pitch even left the pitcher’s hand! (I know – I felt the breeze from the swings while sitting behind the dugout!) If he was “patient” after that, it was only because he didn’t want to risk the fans turning on him any more than they had!

"Turnbow gives me regular heart attacks. Then again, three closes in a row is rough way to start out the season." ~ Yeah - POOR MILLIONAIRE CLOSER BOY. He got very lucky last night. It looked ugly for a few minutes there.

Please Dave – we can’t rank facial hair in PREVIOUS seasons! We all know that Rollie is hands down champion in that category!


Okay, okay... maybe I was going a little overboard by calling Jenks "patient" but he definitely had some good at-bats in there. Particularly his last in the eighth when it counted. 10 pitches to get a walk is fantastic. And yes, I did see the at-bad you're talking about... the one that Lee was laughing about? Haha.. wow that was a swing.


I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Dave - you are hilarious. You made me laugh on this blog yet again. I agree with Erin - way to change the subject in quite the gentle manner ... NOT.

Um, Gaper, quick question for you. If you hate this blog so much and don't think it's worth your time, why do you keep coming back to make comments and be included in the comment conversation...? Just a thought.

Happy Thursday!


hahaha oh man Dave..seriously!

Um, yeah of course this response is for Gaper (because they are obviously still lurking around this site). I totally agree with Amanda. You obviously have your concerns about this blog. Which is fine, you're entitled to have them. But why continue to frequent it then? You are obviously very knowledgeable about the blogs made mention to the Domes, and the restaurants, etc., why continue to waste your time?

The majority of the people that read Erin's blog are thrilled with the opportunity to view Milwaukee through her eyes, and to get ideas of their own of what we would and wouldn't like to try out in the area. None of us want or care to hear your negative remarks about passionless posts. We all have our own interests. Erin's job is to showcase ALL that Milwaukee has to offer...regardless of if she likes it or not. If she's supposed to just disregard those activities which she finds uninteresting, then she's not doing her job effectively.

Keep posting Erin! Without your "Passionless" post about the Brewer's thing, I wouldn't have even known it existed!


It's May 3 - I just realized that I haven't posted a picture of myself on here since this post. Just wanted to state for the record that it's not because of Gaper's comments - it's a pure coincidence, and I will be sure to get some pics of myself up very soon. :)

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