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March 08, 2006



Wow, good choice! I'm sure you'll have a blast... don't die from a fire ant attack!


I'm so excited for you guys! What a great place to spend your first week as a married couple.


Kudos to great travelling taste!!!


Hello, Michele sent me.

What a beautiful honeymoon vacation. Congrats on the upcoming marriage and trip.


First, thanks for the comment you left on my blog.
Secondly, WOW! Congrats on the upcoming wedding and it sounds like you have an awesome honeymoon planned!
I have had Costa Rica on my list of *want to go do* so, I will be anxious to hear all bout your trip!
Great blog!


Congrats and the upcoming wedding! Have fun in Costa Rica!

Here via Michele.


How much do I love it when I go to post on a random person's site, and you have posted just above me?

SO MUCH! It's so fun!


Great choice...if all goes well I think I'll have to check into that for our next destination!


The wife and I took our honeymoon there which was a homecoming for me. I was born there.

the trip was wonderful, the ocean was spectacular and the people were wonderful.

That is where I wanna die when I die.

Have a blast.

Plain Jane

Wow.. that all looks so lovely...

here from Michele's!

The Gnat's Trumpet

Congratulations on the wedding to come and that trip looks incredible. I hope you have a blast. Michele sent me.


Michele sent me this morning and I was pleasantly surprised. I used to be a regular a long while ago. A lot has changed. I've always wanted to go to Costa Rica. Have a great time.

Blue Monkey Jammies

Sounds marvellous!!
You wouldn't need anyone to carry your bags would you? Personally, I make an excellent porter.

Here via Michele today


Wow..that looks like so much fun. OK, I'm jealous!! here from michele's...

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