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January 01, 2006



hmmmm... while your Jan 1 morning sounds more interesting than mine... I'll take sleeping in till noon over than ANYDAY!

I guess that's what makes me still a FIB. :)

Glad you and Dave survived!


You Rock Girl!!! I think it's so cool that out of the millions of things there are to do in one's life, you have a nice laundry list of things that you can proudly say "I did that!", and have plenty of stories to tell about them! Chalk up one more...THE POLAR BEAR PLUNGE!! Seriously, only something I thought I'd only see on those Coke Commercials (remember..with the old guys) he he. Although I did do it once when I was like 12. But anyways, now I personally know a Polar Bear!!!! Congrats Girl!!

Kudos to you and your blog!!!

Outdoor putting green woman

I can just imagine the cold freezing waters from the clear digital pictures on your post. The way you describe things makes me more want to try the unknown or perhaps try out for the extreme games. Your blog doesn't fail me keep me entertained and be more daring at my next outdoor adventure.


Nice work..someday I'll actually make it down there for that. This year, like most years, I was working off a major headache at noon on new year's day. :)


Sorry, but you're not really a polar bear if you didn't go under.

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