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December 11, 2005



I watched that movie as well last night! I just love it, but my hubby has also not seen it...crazy, I know!

Btw, here via Michele tonight!


Hi there, Erin. Thanks for joining Blog Explosion.

I've seen It's a Wonderful Life a good many times but don't like it. Not at all. The silly economics of it just annoys me. Capra could at least have made the basic underpinnings of the movie make sense, dammit! LOL

Yeah, I know. Nobody has ever agreed with me when I complain about the movie. *sigh*

My favorite movie along the grounds of what IAWL is SUPPOSED to mean is Groundhog Day. In that movie, Bill Murray's character is actually reformed, even transformed whereas the Jimmy Stewart character simply receives reaffirmation of his poorly thought out economic ways. Pity.

Not that anyone else sees things this way....


Umm... I don't get the whole economics argument. He runs a family business that aims to keep pressure off people so they can keep their homes in the middle of a depression.

"Groundhog Day" is an amazing movie, though.

I far prefer "A Christmas Story" as far as Christmas movies go. I just wish TBS wasn't intent on overplaying it.


I believe the film opens at the Times Cinema in Milwaukee this weekend. There's nothing better than watching a classic movie on the big screen - with no commercials!


You're right, Dave! Thanks so much for letting me know! I've never been to the Times Cinema. I think I might have to see my movie TWICE this year. =)


Definitely go see it at the Times if you can. I haven't been there in a while, but it is how I finally got my husband to see IAWL a few years back. I love that movie and watch it every year too, and for the same reasons as you apparently.


Wow. Is this for real? A blog supposedly about "playing" in Milwaukee (sponsored by Milwaukee tourism) written by a 23 year old "journalism" grad who up until this year never had to do her own shoveling, had never gone to the Domes and didn't know anything about the Times Cinema?? And then a post and subsequent comments about the merits of "It's a Wonderful Life"? Perhaps I have nothing better to do with my time than to criticize... but sometimes a person just can't help themselves. It's like bitching at other cars while moving at a snails pace in traffic. It's a release!


Erin, you seem to attract the coolest, nicest people to your comments section.

You know, I'm all for dissent, but please try to be coherant when you attempt it. Here is some constructive criticism:

Your use of quotes makes no sense, since Erin actually was a journalism major and this is about playing in Milwaukee. What it looks like you're trying to do is emphasize points, which you should do by using italics. Since there are no italics here, try asterisks or all caps. Correct use of quotes would look like this...

Obviously, Albert is a really "cool" guy, but I think he's more of a butthole.

Everyone is such a toughguy on the internets.


Wow, are you for real?

I've done plenty of shoveling in my day, bub, but yeah, paying RENT at an apartment building for a few years means not having to shovel snow. Paying rent at a duplex, however, means shoveling one's own snow.

Nope, I haven't been to every place in Milwaukee yet, imagine that. But when I DO go, I tell people about it. Craziness, I know.

And last time I checked, it's my blog. I will post about whatever the HECK I feel like posting about, and that includes movies that make me happy. I wanted to share that happiness - you should try it sometime - it makes you feel a lot better than sharing negativity and criticism.

You admit that you have nothing better to do with your time ... my suggestion is that you go watch It's A Wonderful Life! It's all about how one's life affects others. How is your life affecting others, dude?


Thanks for the comment Andre!

I read over my comment and it sounds a bit crabby - maybe I'm just in a MOOD ("mood") because of all the SNOW I'm going to have to shovel tonight!


Oh sh*t... is there an italics option on here?? I would have used it instead of quotes had there been the option. I tried typing in HTML Language, but it won't let me! All caps, as any graphic design person knows, is harder to read and online it implies YELLING. Asterisks are just too cutesy. Thanks for attempting to correct my writing style, though. I have an English degree of my own and I'm comfortable with my choice of quotes in this informal setting. And I can live with typos as well.

Yes, Erin & Andre, in the whole vast configuration of things, I'd say I was nothing but a scurvy little spider. I am your Mr. Potter.


Just because you have a degree in something doesn't make you good at it. Note the 100% success rate of every business major and engineering major.

Anyway. Erin, I'd say you better basejump off the Bank One building before you get lynched.


"Just because you have a degree in something doesn't make you good at it." Sooooo very true. And even if you don't have a degree in something, that doesn't mean you are (oh shoot - do I use quotes here or what? No, caps!) NOT good at something either. So, we're all pretty much covered!

By the way, how come no one jumped all over my not-so-positive post about the DOG TRACK. Instead, you defend my comments on the "fluff" post. (To clarify - putting the word fluff in quotes is to mean so-called fluff.)


Because the dog track comment didn't attack ME personally while your most recent ones did.

Hey, I'm all for closing dog tracks - it isn't much of a life for dogs, though I don't presume to know what their lives are like when they aren't racing.

And I don't think you meant "defend" your comments ... no one was defending you, we were getting mad at you!

I found your Mr. Potter comment funny. I guess you've seen the WONDERFUL movie then.

No more fighting on my blog! I'm all for criticism, but not when it's directly of me when I did nothing to warrant it!


Word. I'm going to shut up for awhile since I always seem to be involved.


This is so cute, Albert, Andre and Erin. It's like being with my family on Thanksgiving, after dinner, when tensions start to rise. LOL

As for me, I like Erin's blog but since I don't live near Milwaukee I don't qualify to comment on a lot of the local-based topics. On the other hand, Erin sure is cute!


Yeah, she's pretty photogenic. I'm still gunnin' for the girl from the book club, though.

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