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November 06, 2005



I've never really been an art fanatic. Like you, I can appreciate art for being just Someone's creation of SOMETHING and their own interpretation of an idea is quite facinating to me. But I guess I just have a hard time understanding it all. What makes one person's piece spectacular enough to be placed in a museum, and another's only good enough for coffee shop walls? Is it pure popularity? Or is there really something magnificent about these people? But you'll have a hard time convincing me that someone like Polack merited an entire exhibit at the Chicago Art Museum. But I'm sure that's just me being unaware of the art world =)

The Milwaukee Art Museum looks amazing really. I have yet to go there, but I may have to make a trip now! I can't spend too much time in them though. After a while, the pictures start to just look the same to me. One more old painting/drawing/sculpture after another =) I mean, I was in the Louvre in Paris, one of the most facinating museums ever (supposedly) and I couldn't bear it for more than a few hours. Oh well.


I SO agree with you. In fact, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and I joined the Milwaukee Art Museum last month. I'm not an art fanatic, but I think the building is GORGEOUS! I also enjoy the other exhibits, my favorite piece of art being the chair on top of the talking doll head. I could just watch that for hours.


Just think, when Pier Wisconsin is complete, we'll have TWO marvels right next to each other! Go Milwaukee!


Karen, that's great that you joined - Dave and I were wondering, how much does it cost to be a member?

I hated the talking doll head under the chair. I mean, it's interesting, but CREEPY! It is kind of like a car wreck, though - you just can't look away!

And Mark, I know - I can't wait to see Pier Wisconsin once it's completed. Go Milwaukee. =)


You can take pictures in the Museum, as long as it's in the permanent collection (so not the Rembrandt area because the Museum is loaning those objects from other Museums and does not own copyright to them) and it's without a flash. I used to be a security guard, volunteer, and intern at MAM. It is a jewel that as you said, sadly many Milwaukeeans themselves might never get to see. It's so sad as the collection is amazing and so it the building itself! I wish more people would get over their fear of art or whatever is keeping them from visiting and just take in the beauty of what the Museum has to offer.

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