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November 27, 2005



Great list! Thanks for sharing. I am very sorry to hear about the loss of Dave's Grandma.


Yeah, condolences to Dave.

And here's to 9 years (K-8) of catholic school. Nothing has turned me off of religion more.


The worst place in America that I have ever been was Julesburg, Colorado. We made a stop there on a road trip. It was creepy. The western side of the state was BEAUTIFUL though...I agree. Love your list. I'll be doing that for my 100th post too I think :-) I have a ways to go though.


That was an awful trick to play on me. Remember that song that always made me cry too? You were a pretty huge jerk to me, but I loved you all the same I guess. Nice list, sis, though I could've made more than one appearance. :-)


Erin, you let a 17 year-old boy kiss you when you were 12?!?! You gotta be careful at those weddings, you're probably somehow related to him!



May your next 100 bring you more joy! And we will enjoy another self-indulgance like this before 150!

Thanks for making me REMINISCE!


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