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November 20, 2005



Looks like fun!!


Hello, dont know you personally, but like the pictures of the city :-)
I am considering moving to milwuakee, around sherman park area.
What is life like in milwuakee?
Is it worth moving there?
Is there lots to do up there?
I say "up there" cause I live in florida, and i'm sick of this state already after being here for 13 years ;-(
Its so flat and boring !
Anyway, nice pics - best of luck!


Life in Milwaukee is amazing Rafael.

I love this city and don't ever want to leave. If I were to move to Milwaukee from another city however, I'm not sure that the Sherman Park area would be my first choice. Sherman park is a ways northwest of the city center and tends to be a "driving" location. Meaning, you'll have to drive a lot of places. If you live closer to downtown, south side, or east side, even northeast side.. you'll be a lot close to the action.

Milwaukee has about five million things to do... as does every large city. The only shock to your system will be the winters... it can get pretty cold here!

I feel stupid saying this, but if you want to see more pictures of the city, click on my name underneath this comment. Or, go to and search for Milwaukee. Or check out and look at their photo tours... it's slightly hard to navigate your way there but you can find it. :)

Good luck!!

And sorry Erin for plugging my own page.. I didn't mean it like that.

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