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October 30, 2005



It kinda slipped my mind that I moved into a family-type neighborhood this year, so I didn't have any candy. My bell rang a jillion times. I felt like a real dick.


I would just like to say that when we were kids, Erin teased me ALL the time about being scared. And now look at her, scared as heck. You are too funny, Ms. Leffelman. Too funny indeed.

And to add on to Andre's comment - I, too, forgot that I would need candy this year. A few kids came and knocked on my door - and I hid in my apartment.


Wow Erin, you have some honest children in your neighborhood.

Strategy for next year... just put out an empty bowl and a sign that reads "take one". This way you get to put on like you're participating but w/o having to buy or have candy leftover.

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