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October 15, 2005


Bill J

It was nice meeting you the other night. It was actually Joe Gehl who made the finals with Jim Powell.
Stop by and see us some time.


Oops! Thanks Bill - I was about 80% sure I was right - thanks for correcting me! I changed it - probably before anyone else really saw it, which is good. It was nice meeting you, too!


Look at our little girl from st.charles!!!
I am so proud of you erin and all of your success -- including being brave enough to go out there and even try to shoot!!! love, heather
ps. how is your first non-working weekend?


Looks like a great night!

Michele sent me.



Enjoy your blog as always. Your time at the Admirals game sounds like fun. Did you have any interaction with Joe Gehl of Channel 12? He appears to be a good guy. Interested in your thoughts.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Mike Oettiker

Hey! I was there! I didn't pay attention to the celebrity shootout, though I was aware it was going on. I'm sad I was oblivious, now!

Dongjian Wang

Hey.This is the frist time i see English blogs, although my English is not well , i can clear about your meaning . Feel good.

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