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October 16, 2005



Thanks for the pics. We opted to stay away due to first day crowds, but I look forward to going there soon!


how exciting. I LOVE markets. Reminds me of London. It's about time Milwaukee jumped on the fresh produce/product bandwagon!!!

Thanks for the info. doll.


Who's driving PS? I will, just because I love to drive so much but if you would prefer to that is fine too. Whatev!


Hey there,
I was at the market on opening day too and it was crazy crowded. I returned yesterday and the crowds were more manageable, but still mostly people checking out what it's like rather than shopping. I was psyched to see an El Rey (Mexican grocery) downtown, though their produce doesn't look local. And some stands have yet to open. But I share your enthusiasm. Hope you return to let us know what you think once it's no longer a novelty.


Been to the market a couple of times... frankly I was disappointed. It was very nice but I expected it to be larger and have more vendors.

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