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September 01, 2005



I enjoy the park as well. VERY nice job writing about it!


I absolutely love reading about your adventures Erin! I have been a frequent visitor to Lake Park, but had no idea about its history. I flock to the park during my lunch hour to find a quiet and peaceful place for a picnic in an effort to break up a hectic day. The cool lake breeze and occasional hello to runners/bikers passing by is just what I need in the middle of the day.

And it is funny that you bring up all the weddings/pictures that take place in the park. I am getting married in October and we are having our pictures taken looking over the bridge and at various parts of the park. We absolutely love it in there and I cant wait to see it with all the trees changing color!

It wasn't until I moved to Milwaukee (from Chicago) that I could find a place in the middle of the city that offers such beauty, history (I love the fantastic old homes linking the park) and peacefulness.


Great pictures, here via Michele today!


Sounds like alovely place to go and enjoy the out of doors.


Hi Erin. Thank you for the describing your park in such vivid words and pictures. I've got an instant connection to this entry: Olmsted also designed Montreal's Mount Royal Park. I grew up there, and lived at the base of the mountain for a number of years. I spent so many summers cycling its myriad paths that I could probably navigate them with my eyes closed.

The catharsis of the soul that you speak of it a hallmark of all of his works.

Here from Michele's. Thanks for visiting my blog...great to e-meet you again!


Wonderful pictures! I love the juxtaposition of the new and old. It really does resemble Central park (just a little bit less "overgroom" and a little bit more "suburbia" than CP allows. Love it.) Great history in your post.

So Lake Park is in ... Chicago? (I just woke up not too long ago and am still waiting for ginseng to shock my brain into activity)

Michele sent me.


My most favorite place in Milwaukee!!! I love Lake Park, especially Ravine (st?) that little road that takes you up through the park and deposits you onto Newberry. I used to live on Summit & Newberry, and would take that road up from Lincoln Memorial on the way home from work every day. I ran in the Superun 5k at Lake Park in June, and had to run *up* that stupid little curvy steep hill, lol, I about died! Too steep for running.

Hello Erin!!! Michele kinda sent me today.


moonbatty, Lake Park is in Milwaukee.

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