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September 11, 2005



Thanks for joining us Erin! We would never have found anything without Dave there. ha ha

Welcome to geek-dom. There's always room for one more. :) It was a pleasure meeting you, Dave and Dina and I hope we get a chance to geocache again sometime.

Take care!


That sounds like SUCH fun! I would love to try some geocaching in these parts...and just might. Sure, it's geeky. But geekiness is good. It beats the alternatives - and it's indicative of really smart, focused people.

I'm cruising by from Michele's tonight.


Here from Michele's.

I don't geocache, but it sounds like a blast. If that makes me a Muggle, so be it. It's just as well, since I can't do magic, either.


Sounds very cool! If I can get my hands on a GPS, I'll definitely give it a try!


Can you do this whenever or do you have to sign up to make sure there are caches out there to actually find? You think this would be good for a family or more of an adult thing? It sounds like something my kids would love!


Hey Kathy,

I think this would be a great activity for kids. There's no signing up involved. When you go the geocaching website and type in your zip code, it will tell you all the locations of caches in the area, so you can simply write down or print out a few that sound interesting and then go searching!

The only thing you need to geocache is a GPS. They start at around $100. Lots of people own them so perhaps you could ask around and borrow one for the day.

But I definitely recommend it. It'd be a really fun family activity. Make sure to come back and tell me about it if you ever decide to go!


Thanks Erin! The more I read about this the more fun it sounds. Thanks for opening my eyes to something new!


It would be a fun thing to do with a girl, seeing new parts of the city and all, but I don't think most girls want to do dorky stuff on dates...

"Hey, nice to meet you. Would you like to go geocaching with me?"
"What's that."
"We can go out and find treasures hidden in the city using my GPS."

I've forfeited some cool points just by considering this.


You crack me up!

No, it probably wouldn't go off well for a first date, but maybe once you have been out a few times and you determine if she is into that kind of thing. I know I wouldn't mind going with my boyfriend sometime, if we could find a GPS.

Of Erin's posts, I still think Sailing would be the most ideal date (romantic side). Personally I would love to go on a date where we went kayaking because I love the outdoors. That is a great weekend day date. Sky diving ... not a date.


Erin - we just found the cache in Caesar's park yesterday. It looks you were the last group to find it before we did. I saw your business card but I left it because I was already familiar with your blog. I left your corny starfish too! :)



Did you have fun geocaching, Oz? Corny starfish? Hey, man, some little kid might really like it! =)


Yes, geocaching is fun. I was surprised to see how many caches are around the East Side.

M Douglas

Do you know who Caesar's Park was named after? I'm looking into my geneology.

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