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August 08, 2005


David Ernst

If you haven't found it yet be sure to find the nature trail that goes from the top of the bluff down through the ravine to Lake Drive in Lake Park. Is is like the stories you read of Hansel and Gretel in the woods and feels completly cut off from the city.


YES! You have to take that trail! If you love the view, you will love the trail. You would never know you were even in the city. I am an avid runner originally from Chicago and can seriously say that you cant find a place like this in IL. When I moved here, I quickly realized that I can live in a big city, while running through parks that make me feel like I am the only person around.


The best view of Lake Michigan is the bluff view form Silver Spring Park in Whitefish Bay, just north of Shorewood, located on the east end (obviously) of East Silver Spring Driver.


Another great beach is at Grant Park in South Milwaukee. It is pretty far will find it if you take Rawson Rd. all the way south until you cant go anymore and take a left. It will be immediately on your right. It is also part of the Oak Leaf trail that goes around Milwakee. The Beach is really clean, also has a playground, and even has indoor bathrooms. I thought the same thing Erin did about Atwater when I found Grant Park. Do yourself a favor and visit this beach before the summer is over


Ever been to Doctor's Park north of Fox Point? It's even better!


Hey, I want in on this... Ever been to Gas Works Park in Seattle or Golden Gate Park in San Francisco? They're the best ever!

Okay, just messin' with you guys. You guys are getting carried away though.

Anyone ever been to Lincoln Park in Glendale (on the river). I might be moving just near there, but I've never seen the park.

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