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August 09, 2005


David Ernst

That pungent smell comes from the sewage plant on the lake. An interesting fact is that was one of the first plants to practice environmental disposal of the waste product by drying and bagging it as a lawn fertilizer called "Milorgonite" My dad used to spread it on our lawn back in the 40's. I saw it here in Oklahoma a few years ago at an organic gardening store.

Grant Park and and Doctors Park also have neat ravine trails that lead down to their respective beaches.


If you go to the fair, make sure to check out the sausage races down the giant slide!


Another cool trail to explore runs along the Milwaukee River. You can catch it in Shorewood just west of the bridge on Capital Drive and take it south along the river all the way to North Ave. It’s kind of a rough trail, but defiantly walk-able and I’ve seen a few people do it on bikes too. It’s a very different view of the city and the river – it’s hard to believe that you’re still on the East Side and not somewhere up north. It’s also dog friendly and safe.


The trail in Grant park is FABULOUS! Tara and I go there often to hike, and then spend time on the beach the trail spits you out into. It feels like you're hiking through the mountains or something (minus the mountain of course he he). It's amazing how much beauty Milwaukee has.


Have you ever heard of Seven Bridges? I guess it is a part of Grant Park in southern Milwaukee. Rumor is it actually has ten bridges that you will see while walking/biking/whatever along the trail. I have heard great things (historic, beautiful, fun for families, etc.), but never actually been there myself. Does anyone know where this starts or how I can find it?


By the way. I love your blog! I have learned about so many great activities that my entire family can have fun with. Thank you!

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