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July 17, 2005



What a lovely day! Great pics and descriptions as well. I've never been lucky enough to see the Blue Angels live, but I've been an air show freak for my whole life, and have seen Canada's Snowbirds more times than I care to count.

I wear a Blue Angels watch (hee!)

Popped in from Michele's tonight. Your blog is such a refreshing read!

Blond Girl

I am not here by Michele's order, but because I saw you comment to someone on Michele's. The name Erin is very special to me. I know a Sweet Girl with that name, but I'm not telling anymore....

I'll be back; I love Wisconsin and will want to read more.


I sounds like it was a huge success. They were flying over my condo all weekend. I have a couple pics that I need to post yet. Glad you had a good weekend!


Here courtesy of Michele - greetings.

The Blue Angels thing sounds cool. I've never seen an air show and - unfortunately - the only time that they seem to enter my thoughts are the periodic horrible news items about mid-air crashes.

I went to see Wedding Crashers too, but it lost me after the first forty minutes and I left the theatre in search of something more filling...which led me to Crash.


I wasnt able to get to the lakefront to watch the Blue Angels, but I was happy when I was tailgating for the Brewers game and they came to show off over by Miller Park. Seeing what kind of show they were putting on for us, I could only imagine how great it was over the water. I will have to get front row seats next time!

Love the site Erin! I'll be back!

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